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Center for Instrumentation, Educational Selection and Evaluation Development

P2ISEP (Educational Instrumentation, Selection and Evaluation) is a service center at LP3 UM which aims to assist institutions in developing a variety of innovative instruments and analyzes of various educational and educational evaluation data, personnel (lecturers and staff) and institutional management to achieve superior work performance. In the field of instrument development, P2ISEP is tasked with developing a variety of instruments for students, lecturers, staff, and model and performance assessment instruments. Instruments for students include: Initial Ability Tests, Personality Tests, Independent Selection Tests, Standard Instruments for University Courses, and Development of Life-Based Assessment Models in All Subjects. Instruments for lecturers and students include: Non-PNS Lecturer / Student Selection Tests, Tendik Competency Tests, and Tendik Promotion Tests. In addition to serving instruments for institutions, including: Development of Model Instruments in the form of Indonesian Language Proficiency Test Instruments (UKBI), Indonesian Language Proficiency Test for Foreign Speakers (UKBIPA), Critical Literacy Test, Personality Test Model, Affirmation Selection Test Model for Remote Area Students , Media Literacy Tests, and Innovative Models of Standardized Tests for Assessment in SD, SMP, and SMA.

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