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Center for Educational Curriculum Development

P2KP (Educational Curricullum) is a service center that aims to improve the quality of education and learning in the Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral and Vocational Programs, both for educational and non-educational programs at UM. In detail, P2KP aims to: (1) review and develop guidelines for developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum in all study programs, (2) evaluating curriculum implementation in all study programs, (3) developing guidelines and standards for learning devices at MUs, (2) 4) assessing and developing systems and learning device models for lectures, and (5)

study and develop learning models for theoretical and practical lectures. In addition, P2KP UM also provides learning training services for the Instructional Engineering Skills Improvement program (PEKERTI) and Applied Approach (AA) for UM lecturers and partner institutions, and carry out cooperation with partners /stakeholders for the assessment and development of education and learning.

Instructional Skills Improvement Training (PEKERTI) which was held on August 25, 26, 28, 2020 was attended by lecturers at the State University of Malang.


The SIPEJAR Implementation Training was held on January 28 and February 6-7 2020, followed by lecturers from the State University of Malang.