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Center for Work Practices and Field Experience Development

P3KPL (Work Practices & Field Experience) is a service center for student field practice regarding the mastery of their scientific abilities in the form of implementing academic expertise in field institutions outside the campus related to their respective study programs, both educational and non-educational study programs. Support for student work practice and field experience services is provided in the form of debriefing and training on campus, including: (1) Guidance Training for Work Practice Advisors, KPL, and PPL, (2) Training for Civil Service Teachers for Practical Work, KPL and PPL, ( 3) Training Lesson Study for Students, Field Supervisors, and Pamong Teachers, (4) Coordination of the implementation of Work Practices, KPL and PPL with field parties. P3KPL has collaborated a lot with external parties to support programs that are being implemented, namely schools, private companies and state-owned companies, vocational training centers, language centers, education and training centers, the Education and Culture Office throughout Indonesia.

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