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When it was founded in 1979, the LP3 was named Learning Resources Center which was known as LRC which functioned to support IKIP Malang in carrying out its mandate as an Educational Institution for Education Personnel. The services provided by LRC at that time were focused on providing media, facilities, and a place for lecture activities for education and learning courses. The name LRC was later changed to a Learning Resource Center whose main task and function were the same as LRC until 1999. In 1999, IKIP Malang received an extension of its mandate through Presidential Decree No. 93 of 1999 dated 4 August 1999 and changed to Malang State University (UM). In line with this broadening of the mandate, the management system and organization of MUs is undergoing restructuring in all its units, from the smallest to the large units, from the administrative unit to the academic implementing unit. One form of change and commitment to education, UM established an institution that deals with education and learning. The institution in question is the Education and Learning Development Institute (LP3). This institution complements the two existing institutions, namely the Research Institute (Lemlit) and the Community Service Institute (LPM). The existence of the three institutions at UM reflects the Tri Dharma of higher education, namely education, research, and community service.

The existence of LP3 UM is confirmed through: (a) IKIP MALANG Rector Decree No. 0103 / KEP / PT.28.H / O / 99, dated 22 March 1999 concerning the Establishment of an Educational and Learning Development Institute, (b) the Decree of the Rector of the IKIP MALANG No. 0102 / KEP / PT.28.H / O / 99, dated 19 March 1999 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Educational and Learning Development Institutions. Then this position was further strengthened by the inclusion of LP3 in the statute and OTK of the State University of Malang (Kepmendiknas Number: 270 / O / 1999, October 14, 1999). According to Article 38 of the Statute and UM's OTK, LP3 is an academic implementing element in the field of education and learning that functions to develop lecturers' professional abilities in the teaching and learning process, develop study program curricula, evaluate the results of lecturer professional development and curriculum, and develop learning media. This stipulation of the LP3 institutional function lasted until 2012.

In 2012, the organization and work procedures (OTK) of MUs underwent changes to suit ME's status as Public Service Bodies. The changes in the OTK were stipulated through the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture number 30 of 2012. In line with the changes in the OTK, UM also rearranged the functions of all work units, including LP3. In this new OTK, the function of LP3 is expanded from two to nine which includes:

  1. implementation of curriculum development, learning, and assessment;
  2. implementation of learning resources development;
  3. implementation of universiter courses;
  4. implementing field experience program development;
  5. implementing the development of religious life;
  6. implementing the development of student guidance and counseling; and
  7. implementing teacher professional education development;


In the period 2019 - 2024, the Rector of State University of Malang established development centers in LP3 UM in accordance with the Decree of the Rector of State University of Malang number 28.1.147 / UN32 / KP / 2019, 28.1.148 / UN32 / KP / 2019, 28.1.149 / UN32 / KP / 2019, 28.1.150 / UN32 / KP / 2019, 28.1.151 / UN32 / KP / 2019, and 28.1.152 / UN32 / KP / 2019, dated 30 January 2019 that the development centers in LP3 in 2019 - 2024 consisting of:

  1. Quirkulum and Education Development Center (P2KP)
  2. Center for Innovation and Learning Resources Development (P2ISB)
  3. Center for the Development of Religious Life and Universiter Lectures (P2KBK)
  4. Center for Development of Work Practices and Field Experience (P2PKPL)
  5. Center for Instrumentation Development, Selection and Educational Evaluation (P2ISEP)
  6. Center for the Development of Career Guidance, Counseling, and Academic Competency Improvement (P2BK3A).